You have died and don't know where you are? Find out here!

The Underworld

The underworld is the home of the Grim Reaper, he decides your fate. You always end up in this world when you die.

Getting lost items back

Attention: Your levels (XP) will be dropped when you die. You can only get them back by going back to the death point and finding and collecting the experience points lying around.

Your items are in your gravestone. The gravestone is located near your death point. When you return there, you can collect all the items again.

Attention: Your gravestone will disappear after one hour (real time)! After that you can't get the items back.

Reach the Point of Death

Talk to the Grim Reaper. At the first time he will take you back to your items for free.

For future visits to the Grim Reaper, it will cost you money to get back to your gravestone.

The following window will open when you talk to the Grim Reaper:

If you click the left button you will be teleported to your realm.

Cost of Resurrection

The price of resurrection depends on your level. The higher your level, the more expensive the resurrection. The exact values can be found in the following table.


0 - 1

2 - 4

5 - 9

10 - 14

15 - 19


You can reduce the cost of resurrection by using the Resurrection skill.

Dying on foreign Realms


Some players have died on other realms in the past and left their gravestone on the other realm. This allowed the realm owner or his members to loot the gravestone and thus scam the deceased player out of his lost items, since the deceased player no longer had access to his gravestone. Since we do not support scamming on Landania, we have taken precautions that are explained below.


If you die on a foreign realm, your gravestone will appear on your own realm. You will find it there near your realm spawn. He may not spawn directly at the spawn because it is not a safe environment for the gravestone. If you can't find it, you'll either have to keep looking or ask a staff member or other players for help.

Attention: Trusted players can take items from gravestones on your realm. If the gravestone cannot be found or items are missing from it, you should assume that either a trusted player has taken your items or the gravestone has intentionally disappeared after one hour in real time.

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