Realms are worlds consisting of several islands which are available to every player.


A realm is 500x500 blocks in size and is available to every player. All important information and settings can be found centrally via the /realm command or via the navigator with /nav. On your own realm there is no limit to your creativity but also several players can build, farm, trade etc. together on one realm. Depending on your rank, you can add different numbers of residents and moderators to your realm.


  1. lists all commands around the realm system in the chat.

  2. opens the quick travel menu which shows you all realms you have rights on.

  3. opens the limit system where you can see all limits of your realm.

  4. lists all information about your realm (owners, inhabitants, moderators etc.).

  5. teleports you from anywhere on Landania to your realm

  6. opens the settings menu which offers a lot of possibilities.

Realm Chat

So that you can talk to all players on your realm regardless of the current lobby, we have introduced the realm chat.

With the command /realm chat (or /rm c) you can turn on the realm chat. Once the realm chat is turned on, all messages you send will end up in it. With the same command, you can also deactivate the realm chat.

You can also send messages specifically to a chat:

With /rc <message> your message will always end up in the realm chat.

With /gc <message> you always send your message to the global chat (of your lobby)

Areas on the Realms

On the realms there are 12 different regions which can be unlocked gradually by different criteria such as level, coins and other areas. This unlocks new space as well as new resources and animals for your realm.

Limit System

For performance reasons, we need to restrict the entities on your realm. We distinguish between different categories. If the limit of a category is reached, no further entities of this category are possible on your realm.


Peaceful creatures


Aggressive creatures


Armor stands


Item frames




Redstone workload






Boats and minecarts




You can see the current utilization of all categories and the respective total limits with the command /limit on a realm.

Deleting a Realm

A deletion of a realm cannot be undone.

You can have your own realm completely deleted through the realm menu. If you do this, all content that you have placed in chests or placed on your realm will be completely deleted. You will start from 0 after a deletion, and any unlocked areas will be reset, as well as any settings you have made to your realm.

It is therefore recommended that you dismantle all structures, buildings, etc. and temporarily store all mobile items at friends before deleting your realm. After the deletion, you can take the temporarily stored items from friends and use them again on your newly created realm.

Currently, there is a bug that causes all settings on the realm itself as well as unlocked areas to not be reset when deleting the realm. We will fix this bug in the future.

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