The main world is the main island of Landania, where you can meet other players.

Here you will find important structures like the Admin Shops, the Auction House, the jobs, the Treasury, and Chests.

You can reach the main world at any time with /spawn.

After typing /spawn you will land at the spawn of the main world, where the mayor is already waiting for you.

You cannot drop items in the main worlds due to the Lobby System.

This is also where the tutorial starts when you enter the server for the first time. If you turn around 180°, you will see the red teleporter. You will find such a teleporter at 6 central locations in the main world. Walk into it and a menu will open where you can choose where you want to travel.

You are exploring the main world and wonder what it means when the inhabitants of the island have a speech bubble above their head?

Just click on the resident! Some of them are very talkative! Some even have helpful information for you.

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