Nether Farmworld

Here you can find all details about the Nether Farmworld


The Nether Farmworld is, as the name suggests, the Nether. The Nether Farmworld is also the third farmworld in the game and is accessible from Level 15.

Which ores & mobs you can find in the Nether Farmworld you can find below.

You will find all the blocks and biomes in the Nether Farmworld that you would find in Vanilla.

How do I get to the Nether Farmworld?

To enter the Nether Farmworld, you need a Nether TP Fruit and at least level 15. Just eat your teleportation fruit and you will be teleported.

Available Ores

All ores exist as in Vanilla Minecraft.

Available Mobs (incl. Mob Drops)

The Looting enchantment only affects the Spawn Egg charges.

Each mob has the following chances:

The probability of a custom drop is thus 2.8%.

A maximum of 10 fruits can drop per hour.

Special regulations:

Mobs from spawners do not drop fruits.


Drops starting with looting 1

Magma Cube


Smithing Templates in Chests

We have already explained on the page Farmworlds that chest contents have been adapted in all farmworlds and that there are not only the standard items to be found.

The new smithing templates, which were also brought to Landania with the server update to 1.20.1, can also be found in these chests.

You can find the following smithing templates in chests in the Nether Farmworld:

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