End Farmworld

Here you will find all the information about the current last farmworld, the end!


The End Farmworld, as the name suggests, is a farmworld located in the End Dimension. The End Farmworld is the 5th farmworld and can be entered from Level 35.

For a fair balancing, we have reworked some mechanics in the End, more about this you will learn in the course of the article.

How do I get into the End Farmworld?

To get to the End Farmworld you need an End TP Fruit. So that you can eat this teleportation fruit you need at least level 35.

If you have the necessary level, you can eat the fruit and be teleported to the farmworld.

Available Mobs (incl. Mob Drops)

The Looting enchantment only affects the Spawn Egg charges.

Each mob has the following chances:

The probability of a custom drop is thus 2.8%.

A maximum of 10 fruits can drop per hour.

Special regulations:

Mobs from spawners do not drop fruits.

Smithing Templates in Chests

We have already explained on the page Farmworlds that chest contents have been adapted in all farmworlds and that there are not only the standard items to be found.

The new smithing templates, which were also brought to Landania with the server update to 1.20.1, can also be found in these chests.

You can find the following smithing templates in chests in the End Farmworld:

How can I obtain Shulker shells?

For Shulker bowls you need a special axe called The Ender. To craft this axe you need the The Ender Handle and the The Ender Axe Head.

The Ender handle is made as follows:

The Ender Axe Head is made as follows:

If you put both parts together you will get The Ender. With the axe, you have a chance of 1% that a Shulker shell is dropped, but once this happens, the axe is automatically destroyed.

You can then use the shulker shells to make shulker boxes as usual.

Shulker boxes can not be placed in the farmworlds!

How do I get dragon eggs?

You can make dragon eggs from 9 Ddragon Egg Fragments.

The dragon egg fragments you get, at a chance of 3% when breaking dragon heads. When you have successfully collected nine pieces, you can craft them together:

How can I fight the ender dragon?

You can spawn the ender dragon by simply placing a dragon egg in the middle of bedrock structure, the structure looks like this:

The structure can only be used once! An unused structure can be seen on the end crystal.

If you spawn the ender dragon, all players will see a message in the chat, that you have spawned the ender dragon, same goes for beating the ender dragon.

Other Exceptions

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