Here you can find an overview of all available farmworlds and their special features


Currently there are 5 farmworlds: the Tropical, Ice, Nether, Amethyst & End Farmworld. All farmworlds differ from each other by different resources and biomes.

So there are also different ores in different amounts in the different farmworlds. To find out which distribution of ores there is in the farmworlds, select the respective farmworld in the list on the left.

There are also big differences in the mobs within the farmworlds. It definitely pays off to go into more detail here and look at the farmworlds.

Enter a Farmworld

To enter a farmworld you need the different TP Fruits. Depending on the fruit and the time, you enter the farmworld by eating the fruit and are automatically teleported back to the Mainworld after the time expires.

Farmworld Resets

The farmworlds are reset with every server restart, usually once a day.

Time in Farmworlds

After entering a farmworld, you will see a timer above your inventory bar that shows the time left in the current world. You can extend this time endlessly by eating a new TP Fruit.

In the last 2 minutes, a reminder will appear on the screen so that you can eat another fruit if necessary.

Chests in Generated Structures

In generated structures such as villages, mines, fortresses, temples and monuments, you will find chests just like in Minecraft Vanilla. We have adapted these chests to Landania so that you can also find TP Fruits in addition to the standard items.

We have changed the handling of these chests. You cannot dismantle chests. You have to loot them to get the relevant items. It is important whether you have space in your inventory. If you have no more space in your inventory, you cannot take any more items from a chest.

Death in Farmworlds

The first time you die, you can teleport to your death point for free!

Limitations in Farmworlds

There are various systems that only work to a limited extent in the farmworlds:

  • Redstone is deactivated in all farmworlds, which means that hoppers, for example, can only collect items, but not pass them on.

  • Mob Tags cannot be used in all farmworlds!

  • In all farmworlds, all mobs are deleted at regular intervals. This happens every 10 minutes.

  • It is not possible to use Shulker Boxes in farmworlds.

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