Trading System

You want to trade safely and scam-free with other players? Then our trading system is just the right thing for you!

With our trading system, you are able to trade with other players safely and scam-free. With the command /trade <Player name> you can send a trade request to another player.

If another player sends you a trade request, you will receive it in the chat. Click on "[Accept]" or use the command /trade <Player name> to accept the request.

Now the trading system opens for both players and both players can add items or coins. Just click on the item in the inventory and it will be added to your own side. Clicking on the item again in the menu will remove it. To add coins as well, you click on the coin display and can specify an amount there.

If both players agree to the trade, they each click on the green tick to accept the trade. Once both have accepted the trade, it will be executed.

If coins were also traded, 1% tax will be charged on them.

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