Rocket Boots

The Rocket Boots allow you to fly on realms.


There are three different levels of the Rocket Boots. All three levels work the same except for a few small things: It allows flying for a limited time on your own realm as well as on foreign realms.

To be able to fly, you have to put the Rocket Boots into the armor slot of the boots. Then you can trigger flying with a double jump. The flight mode is deactivated when a case of the following occurs:

  • Expiration of time

  • Double jump in the air again

  • Landing on a block

  • Taking off the Rocket Boots

Flying is limited in time. However, the time limit can be increased by combinations. When the time is up, the boots disappear. When you fly, you can see the remaining flight time in the action bar - above the inventory bar in the lower center of the screen. Alternatively, you can also see it in the item description of the Rocket Boots.

During the flight you will see particles under your feet.

Particle Effects

There are currently seven different particle effects. They can be purchased in the Mandy's Machines building from an adminshop NPC. You can find this NPC at coordinates 111 100 -2 in the mainworld.

Changing a Particle Effect

If you have a particle effect, you can combine it with Rocket Boots to change the particle effect accordingly. To do this, simply place the Rocket Boots in the crafting field together with the particle effect.

Overview of Particle Effects

In the following overview you can see which particle effects are currently available:

Flame (Default)

Price: will not be sold


Sculk Charge

Happy Villager



Soul Fire Flame


Price: will not be sold

Different Levels

Simple Rocket Boots (Level 1)

Flight Speed: 0.5 Sinking in silent flight: Strong

Modern Rocket Boots (Level 2)

Flight Speed: 1.0 Sinking in silent flight: Slow

Advanced Rocket Boots (Level 3)

Flight Speed: 1.25 Sinking in silent flight: Not existing

The flight behavior of the Rocket Boots level 3 is similar to the behavior of the game mode "Creative".

How can I get Rocket Boots?

Currently, Rocket Boots can only be obtained in purchasable chests or by trading with other players.


You can combine Rocket Boots with the same level to increase the flight time. To do this, you have to put the specific Rocket Boots into the normal workbench and craft them together. The crafting works similar to the spawn eggs.

Rocket Boots can be combined only to a maximum time of 30 days. The effect here is taken from the first Rocket Boots you put in the workbench.

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