Mob Tags

Do you care so much about animals or monsters on your realm that you don't want them removed from the Clearlag? With the Mob Tags this is possible!

Giving animals or monsters a name with a normal nametag so that they are no longer removed is not enough on Landania.

To prevent animals or monsters from being removed from your realm, you must give them a mob tag.

Mob tags can be made with a normal Nametag, which you can find for example in one of the farm worlds, in the center and 8 diamonds around the outside in the workbench.

If you click on a monster or an animal with the mob tag, it will be specially marked, which is also visible in front of the name of the corresponding mob. It will now no longer be removed by the Clearlag and will remain on your realm until it dies.

By renaming the mob tags in the anvil, you can name the monsters and animals in addition to marking that they will not be removed.

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