Jobs allow you to create orders where you pay other players for giving you certain items. You can also complete other players' jobs here.

What are jobs?

Jobs are so-called orders, you can create them with Joey on the main world.

Alternatively, you can open the menu at any time from anywhere with the command /jobs. The jobs can be done by other players at any time.

When you type the command /jobs or speak to Joey, the following menu opens:

Serverside Jobs

At the beginning of the list, you will find the so-called server-side jobs, these are provided once by the server and can be done for Coins and CP.

In the following example you can see all relevant information:

The quantity stands for the amount to be dispensed. In this example 265 cobblestone. The price per item, in the example, indicates how many coins you get for each stone. Available up to gives the maximum level when you can complete this job. After that, it is no longer on the list. In this example, you can earn 795 Coins and 5 CP for 265 items if you're below level 100.

The server-side jobs are the easiest way to earn your first coins!

Here is an overview of how many coins and CP you get for each job.


32 Stone

256 Cobblestone

5 CP

256 Dirt

5 CP

256 Sand

5 CP

256 Oak Logs

5 CP

256 Terracotta

5 CP

128 Obsidian

5 CP

256 Copper Ingots

5 CP

256 Coal

5 CP

128 Iron Ingots

5 CP

128 Gold Ingots

5 CP

256 Oak Wood

5 CP

256 Jungle Wood

5 CP

64 Book Shelves

20 CP

below level 3

256 Calcite

20 CP

below level 5

64 Cobwebs

20 CP

below level 7

36 Book and Quill

20 CP

below level 10

64 Block of Diamond

20 CP

below level 13

16 Ender Pearls

20 CP

below level 15

4 Nether Stars

20 CP

below level 25

64 Bone Blocks

10 CP

From level 3

256 Jungle Logs

10 CP

From level 5

128 Deepslate

10 CP

From level 7

256 Snow Blocks

25 CP

From level 10

64 TNT

35 CP

From level 13

1028 Netherrack

40 CP

From level 15

16 Amethyst Blocks

50 CP

From level 25

Jobs from player

As mentioned before, players can also create jobs, you can find them right after the server-side jobs.

Every player can create jobs at the price he is willing to pay, so sometimes you will find better but also sometimes worse offers. If you want to find out how to create or complete jobs click here:

How do I create jobs?

How can I complete jobs?

The navigation bar

Below the jobs you will find a bar with which you can make further settings, it looks like this:

How do I create jobs?

In order for the job to be created you must now choose which item you want to buy, how many coins you want to pay for each one, and how long the players have to complete the job.

Clicking the left button will open a list of possible items from which you can choose one.

Can't find an item? Use the search function (magnifying glass at the bottom left) and enter the name of the item.

Once you select an item, you will be asked to specify the amount you want for that item.

Note: You must have all the coins you need to sell (quantity * price). Choose the quantity and the price so that you have the necessary coins.

If you have set everything and have the necessary coins, you can now click on the green checkmark. With the confirmation, the coins will be deducted.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a job!

How many jobs can I create?

The number of jobs that can run simultaneously depends on your rank. Here is an overview:

RankMax. simultaneously jobs








How can I complete jobs?

Have you found a job you want to do? Just click on it in the menu. You will now see all the details of the job again.

Here you have the option to discard all matching items in your inventory by clicking on the right button. Don't worry: You don't have to finish the job completely, and only the items that the job contains will be removed from your inventory. If you have more items in your inventory than advertised in the job, only as many items as can still be turned in will be removed. You will receive the advertised reward immediately!

If you only want to give away a certain number of items, you don't have to take the rest out of your inventory first. Just click on the button on the left. Here you can enter how many items you want to give away. If you have entered more items than the number listed in the order, only as many items as can still be given away will be removed. You will receive the advertised reward immediately!

If the maximum number of items to be submitted for the job is reached or the runtime is over, no more items can be submitted. The job is no longer displayed in the Jobs menu.

I created a job, how do I get my items?

Here you will find all the jobs you created yourself that are currently still running or that you have not yet picked up.

If items have been submitted, you can pick them up by clicking on the job. If not all items fit into your inventory, you can pick up all surplus items in the treasury (/treasury). You will get your coins back for all the items you didn't turn in.

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