Jobs allow you to create orders where you pay other players for giving you certain items. You can also complete other players' jobs here.
Jobs allow you to create orders where you pay other players for giving you certain items. And you don't even have to be online to do it! You can also make a buck yourself by completing other players' jobs.
You can find Joey's Jobcenter in the main world
You can find the job center in the main world by walking straight out of the yellow teleporter. You can also open it from anywhere with the command /jobs.
Here you can see all the jobs that are currently running, the number of items that can be dropped off, the coins that you will receive for them, and the remaining duration of the job.
Sample job at the job center

Jobs menu

Clicking on Joey or typing /jobs will open the jobs menu.
The jobs menu, after clicking on Joey or typing /jobs.
In the middle area, all currently running jobs are displayed. If there are more jobs available, you can switch pages using the arrows at the bottom.
Are you looking for a special item? No problem! By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can search for the name of an item. Here you can either select an item from the list or enter the name of the item by clicking on the magnifying glass again.
To display only certain items, you can select this one here
You only want to do the jobs that offer you the highest reward? With the sorting function in the Jobs menu, you can decide which jobs are displayed first. By default, the job with the shortest remaining time is at the top.
With the sorting function you decide which jobs are displayed in first place

Server side jobs

The first eight jobs in the menu are displayed enchanted. These are not jobs from a player, but jobs from the server. By giving away these items you can earn a little money, especially in the beginning. These jobs can be completed once per player and have no duration.

Doing jobs

Have you found a job you want to do? Just click on it in the menu. You will now see all the details of the job again.
Detail view before completing a job
Here you have the option to discard all matching items in your inventory by clicking on the right button. Don't worry: You don't have to finish the job completely, and only the items that the job contains will be removed from your inventory. If you have more items in your inventory than advertised in the job, only as many items as can still be turned in will be removed. You will receive the advertised reward immediately!
Button to drop all matching items in your inventory
If you only want to give away a certain number of items, you don't have to take the rest out of your inventory first. Just click on the button on the left. Here you can enter how many items you want to give away. If you have entered more items than the number listed in the order, only as many items as can still be given away will be removed. You will receive the reward immediately!
Button to drop any number of items
If the maximum number of items to be submitted for the job is reached or the runtime is over, no more items can be submitted. The job is no longer displayed in the Jobs menu.

Create a job

To create a new job, you can click on "Create Job" in the "Create/Manage Jobs" submenu, which you can find at the bottom right of the Jobs menu.
Menu for creating a job
Item & Amount
Price per item
Running time of the job
Clicking on the left button opens a list of possible items from which you can select one. You can't find an item? Use the search function (magnifying glass at the bottom left) and enter the name of the item. Once you have selected an item, you will be asked to specify the quantity you want to have of this item.
Clicking on the middle button you have to set the price per item.
Note that this is not the total price, but the price per item.
With the right button you can set the duration of the job.
Here you can choose between one hour, three days, seven days and 14 days.
Note: You must have all the coins you need to sell (quantity * price).
Choose the quantity and the price so that you can raise the necessary coins.
Have you entered all the information? Very good! Then you can now create the job via the green tick. All required coins will be deducted from your account.
Depending on your rank, you can only create a certain number of jobs at the same time. You can find the exact number in the following table.
Createable jobs

Pick up dropped off items

Once the duration of your job is over, you can pick up all the dropped items in the "Create/Manage Jobs" submenu, which you can find in the bottom right corner of the Jobs menu, and the "Manage My Jobs" option.
Menu to manage own jobs
Here you will find all the jobs you have created that are still running or that you have not yet picked up.
If items have been handed in, you can pick them up by clicking on the job. If not all items fit into your inventory, you can pick up all surplus items at the treasury. You will get your coins back for all items that have not been dropped off.
By the way: In the submenu "Create/Manage Jobs", which you can find in the Jobs menu at the bottom right, there is also a job history. Here you can view your last 45 posted and completed jobs.
Just in case you want to evaluate statistics 😉