Furniture Store (Fuzzy's Furniture)

You have seen cool furniture at your friend and wonder where he got it? Then you've come to the right place!

Where is the furniture store?

The furniture store is located in the main world, called Spawn. (/spawn) The nearest teleporter (/nav) is the blue teleporter.

What can I do in the furniture store?

In the furniture store, you simply look at the item that interests you. With a right click, you can now easily open the selection, in which you can set the type of wood or even the color of the covers.

If the selection (in the menu) should be grayed out, there are no further variations for the item!

You have set everything? Then you can now simply press the "Buy" button to confirm the purchase.

Who is Fuzzy and what can I do with him?

Fuzzy is located at the coordinates: -76 94 -76

Fuzzy is the store owner, he is located on the second floor. With him you can easily modify already purchased furniture, so you can also change the type of wood or the upholstery color afterwards, for a small fee.

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