Black Market Merchant

There is still an admin store? Yes and no! You can buy some exclusive things from the black market merchant, but beware: he is a shady character!

The black market merchant is a shady character - he only comes to the docks behind the spawn in the main world (/spawn) in the dead of night at 00:00 and disappears again already at 05:00.

These times refer to the Minecraft time. You can see it at any time in the boss bar at the top of the screen.

If the black market trader is there, he has only one item on sale per night. He can sell TP Fruits, enchanted books and other special items.

But be careful! If the black market trader is in a bad mood, he will cheat you. There's a 30% chance that he'll take your coins, but he won't give you any items in return. So you should think twice if you really want to trade with the black market trader.

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