Auction House

In the Auction House you can offer items for auction to other players or bid on other players' auctions. You don't even have to be online to sell.


In the Auction House, you can offer items for auction to other players or bid on other players' auctions. Best of all, after you create the auction, you don't even have to be online - Aubrey the Auctioneer does it all by himself.

Where is the auction house located?

You can find the auction house in the main world by walking straight out of the yellow teleporter. You can also open it from anywhere with the command /auctionhouse (/ah).

Here you can see all currently offered items, the seller, the respective current price, if applicable the instant-buy price and the remaining term of this auction.

Auction House Menu

If you click on Aubrey or use the command, the auction house menu will open.



Weapons and tools




With the sort function, you can set in which order the items are displayed in the auction house.

How can I create auctions?

The following window will open:

Congratulations, you have successfully created an auction if you have followed everything up here!

The number of simultaneous auctions depends on your rank, here is an overview:

RankCreateable auctions








Bid on auctions

Have you found an item you would like to bid on? Simply click on it in the menu. You will now see all the details of the item you want to bid on.

The highest bidder at the end of the auction period will receive the item. Are you afraid of being outbid? Don't worry: As long as you are online, you will be notified. It is also not possible to be outbid shortly before the end of the auction: after each bid, the time is set to 2 minutes, if it was below.

Pick up purchased items

You were the highest bidder when an auction expired? Congratulations!

You can pick up all the items you bid on in the "Create/Manage Auctions" submenu, which you can find in the Auction House menu at the bottom right. Under the item "View bids", you can see all running and already expired auctions on which you have bid.

By clicking on auctions that have already expired, you will either receive the item if you were the highest bidder. If you were no longer the highest bidder at the end, you can also collect your coins here.

Collect winnings from finished auctions

Once your auction is over, you can go to the "Create/Manage Auctions" submenu, which you can find in the bottom right corner of the Auction House menu, and the "Manage Auctions" option to collect your winnings.

Here you can find all auctions you created yourself, which are still running or you haven't picked up yet.

If your item was auctioned, you can click on it to collect the coins you won. For each item sold, 1% of the selling price is deducted as tax.

If no one has bid on your item, you will get it back by clicking on it.

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