Sign System

You've seen other players add a signature to items and wonder how to do it. Then read on here.

What is a signature?

A signature is a form of marking to immortalize one's player name on the item. For example, it could look like this:

How can I sign an item?

You must have at least one hour of play time to sign items.

The item you want to sign must not have a signature yet, otherwise, you will not be able to sign this item, or the signature must be removed first.

Hold the item you want to sign in your hand, then type /sign <text>. Note that in <text> you write the text that you would like to have.

Only single items from your main hand are ever signed, even if you have more than one item in your hand, for example, a stack.

The text must consist of at least one character and must not exceed 75 characters.

How can I remove a signature?

Only the creator of the signature can remove the signature again!

Hold the item you want to remove the signature from in your hand, now use the /unsign command. In the chat, you will receive a confirmation that the signature was successfully removed.

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