Report System

Everything about reporting players via the in-house report system.

If players break the rules, they can be reported via the report system. All relevant information about the player will be sent directly to the team for verification.


If you want to report a rule violation, type /report <player> (example: /report FlooTastisch) in the chat. When you have done that, you will see the following menu:

Then you can specify the type of rule violation.

You can find out more about the individual violations under Violations.

When you have selected the most appropriate violation, you only need to confirm the report and it will be forwarded to the team for review.

Please do not abuse this system. Abuse will also lead to punishments!

You will receive feedback afterwards whether the player you reported was punished by the team or not. The reported player will also be notified if he has broken the rules. He must actively confirm this notification, also called a warning in this system.

Global & Private Messages

Below you will find out what is meant by global messages and what is meant by private messages.

Global Chat

The global chat includes all messages that you simply send to the general public chat. These messages are sent to all players in the same lobby. Other (semi) public chats like the realm chat are currently not included.

Private Chat

Private chats only include conversations held via the /msg <player> <message> command.


Currently you have the following options:

If you are not sure which violation to select, choose the most appropriate violation for you. You will not be punished for reporting a valid violation of the rules, but selecting the "wrong" violation in this menu.

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