Map System

You want to build beautiful motifs and immortalize them on maps? No problem with our card system!

Our map system ensures that you can create maps in one world and take them to all other worlds without any problems. So, if you want, you can build maps on your realm and sell them in the main world.

Original maps

To ensure that only the map builder can duplicate the map, this only works with original maps.

You get an original map by creating the map normally with a right click with the blank map. This is then also written under the map.

To duplicate an original map, you need a cartography table. Simply place the original map in the upper field and one or more blank maps in the lower field. On the right side, you can now take out the copy of the map. The original card will not be used up.

With the copy of a card (it will not be marked as an original card either) no further copies can be made.

Enlarge maps

If you place a piece of paper in addition to the original map in the cartography table instead of a blank map, you can scale the original map 1x larger. You will then receive an original map with a larger area. The original map is used up in the process.

How do you get a cartography table? It's simple: Craft it for yourself!

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