Lobby System

As an international server, it is necessary to provide different lobbies, so that everyone can communicate in their own language with people of the same language. Check out for more!

What are lobbys?

You can see your current lobby at the top of the information bar.

So that not all players are on the same server and talk, we divide them into so-called lobbies or servers.

This means that you will have a quieter chat and that you will only be in the same lobby with players who speak your language.

For now, we will divide it into international and German lobbies. When you first enter the server, you will be automatically assigned to a lobby based on your origin (IP address). If you have already played on Landania before the release of this system, it will validate which lobby you end up in based on the language you set.

How can I switch the lobby?

It's easy to change lobbies using our Navigator system.

First, enter the command /nav in the Minecraft chat and click "Lobby Selection" in the middle. After that, simply select your lobby at the top of the window. The different flags represent the different lobbies.

What changes the lobby system?

Basically, all systems that we currently offer also work across lobbies.

Here is an overview of the exceptions:

  • Teleport requests (/tpa) will only work if you are in the same lobby as your target.

  • You can only see players in your current lobby.

  • The chat is based on your current lobby, the only exception are messages via /msg.

  • In the farm world, you will see every player, independent of their current lobby. If they are in another lobby you'll see a tag over their name.

  • You will see all the players on the realms, but you will still only see your own global chat. To communicate with the players on your realm you can simply use the realm chat.

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