Cosmetic System

Skins aren't enough for you and dressing up is your thing? Then the Cosmetic System is just right for you!

Definition "Cosmetics" & Relics

Cosmetics are additional accessories that you can use to enhance your look on Landania. They do not offer any game advantage and only serve to visually improve the previous "normal" skin.

Cosmetics can be exchanged for relics. Relics serve as currency for cosmetics. They are divided into a total of four variants:

All relics are available through chests. Of course, you can also trade with other players to get relics. Alternatively, you can exchange several relics for higher-value ones at the Exchange Trader.

The Cosmetic House

In the mainworld there is a building called Cocos Cosmetics. This building is the headquarter for all things related to cosmetics. You can find it at the coordinates X: 58 Y: 82 Z: 68.

You can also get to the Cosmetic House by using the command /cosmeticshop or /cosmetic.

In the Cosmetic House, you can exchange relics at the Exchange Trader and go to the dressing room to manage your cosmetics.

The Exchange Trader

You can find the Exchange Trader if you go through the entrance to the Cosmetic House on the right, across the blue carpet to the reception desk. There is an NPC with a red skin.

If you click on the NPC, you will get the following menu:

In this menu you have the option to exchange either 16 Common Relics for 1 Uncommon Relic or 16 Uncommon Relics for 1 Rare Relic.

The Dressing Room

You can get to the dressing room by going straight through the entrance to the Cosmetic House and into one of the three existing dressing rooms.

If you go into one of the three locker rooms, you will see that you will automatically turn in a circle and see more information under the bossbar.

If you click the Shift key, you will leave the view again and go back to the Cosmetic House. However, if you left-click, a menu will open where you can view all the existing cosmetics, try them on and buy them with the corresponding relics.

The Cosmetic Shop

In the Cosmetic Shop you will see a total of five categories. Cosmetics in these categories are located at different positions on or around your skin.

If you click on a cosmetic, you have the possibility to recolor the respective cosmetic. You will see the cosmetic twice in the menu. The left cosmetic is the uncolored one, the right cosmetic is the colored one. With a left click on the right cosmetic you can try it on and see if it suits you and if you want to buy it.

To buy it, you have to click on the cosmetic again. This click takes you back to the cosmetic menu. If you have selected the appropriate color and the necessary relics in your inventory, you can now buy it with a left click while holding down the Shift key.

Some cosmetics cannot be recolored or deliberately do not offer all color variations.

Furthermore, more and more cosmetics will of course be added in the future so that we can offer more choices for every player.

If a cosmetic is already in your ownership, it will be marked with a green background color instead of a red one. If you select it with a left click, you drag it and other players will see your cosmetic. The background color changes from green to yellow during this process.

You can put on a maximum of one cosmetic per category (back, balloons, hats, offhand). Cosmetics that you have not purchased will be removed when you leave the dressing room.


  • Cosmetics take the armor slots, but armor is still wearable. They just become invisible and the cosmetics come to the foreground.

  • All cosmetics cannot be traded and are therefore not dropable. They are bound to the respective player.

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