Clan System

Show which group you belong to within the Landania community with a clan membership!


By joining a clan, you take part in your own community with other players. The leaders of a clan have complete freedom to manage their clan policy, tasks and members - within the framework of the rules.

Creating a Clan

You cannot enter names and tags that other players have already used.

Character Limits

Clan names must contain at least 3 and can contain a maximum of 16 alphanumeric characters. Clan tags must contain at least 2 and can contain a maximum of 5 alphanumeric characters.

Clan Names & Clan Tags

Clan names are simply the name of a clan. Clan tags are abbreviations of the clan name that are also displayed to other players.

Clan tags can be visually highlighted with colors and formats. Colors and formats can be acquired from an NPC in the mainworld at the coordinates X: 5 Y: 84 Z: 35 or by trading with other players.

Clan tags are displayed in the following areas:

Activation of Clan Colors & Clan Formatting

If you have a clan color or clan format as an item in your inventory, you can place it in your hotbar and activate it with either a left or right click. The activation of colors & formats is only possible by a clan leader.

These items look as follows:

Clan Commands


/clan toggle

Activate/deactivate clan invitations for yourself

/clan toggletag

Activate/deactivate clan tags for yourself

/clan togglemessage

Activate/deactivate clan messages for yourself

/clan create <clan name> <clan tag>

Create a new clan

/clan delete

Delete your clan

/clan info

View information about your current clan

/clan uinfo <player>

Display information about a clan with a different player name

/clan ninfo <clan name>

Display information about a clan with the clan name

/clan tinfo <clan tag>

Display information about a clan with the clan tag

/clan invite <player>

Invite a player to your clan

/clan invites

Show your open clan invitations

/clan join <clan name>

Accept a clan invitation

/clan deny <clan name>

Decline a clan invitation

/clan promote <player>

Promote a player in the clan to moderator/leader

/clan demote <player>

Demote a player in the clan back to moderator/member

/clan leave

Leave your clan

/clan kick <player>

Kick a player from your clan

/cc <message>

Send a message to all clan members

/clan rename <clan name> <clan tag>

Change the clan name and/or the clan tag

/clan setclancolor <color>

Change the color of your clan tag

/clan setclancolor list

Get a list of all currently available clan colors

/clan setclanformat <format>

Change the formatting of your clan tag

/clan setclanformat list

Get a list of all currently available clan formatting

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