Welcome to Landania! This page is to help you with the tutorial.


It is highly recommended to play the tutorial to get familiar with the basics. If you are more of an explorer, you can skip the whole tutorial with /skip all, but then you will only get a part of the reward. If you are struggling with some steps or do you already know how it works? -> Then you can skip them with /skip.

Step 1 - Getting acquainted with the mayor

Mayor Frank is located at the coordinates: X: 37, Y: 87, Z: 94

Who is Frank?

Frank is the friendly mayor who also greets you directly on your first visit to Landania, which looks like this:

To get to him, you just have to go straight ahead. Your current destination is also always in the upper half of the screen.

You can easily talk to NPCs by clicking on them. If the text is longer, you can simply click on the NPC again. Alternatively, you can open the chat and click on "Next".

Task from Frank:

  • Talk to Frank, the mayor, by clicking on him.

As you can see, at the top it says "Go to the mayor and talk to him", below is a green arrow that marks the way to him.

Reward from Frank:

  • 32 Breads

Step 2 - Getting acquainted with Hutch the hunter

The hunter Hutch is located at the coordinates X: 31 Y: 84 Z: 48

Who is Hutch?

Hutch is a merchant, he buys stuff and sells you stuff too, just click him for that. He runs a so-called admin store. In the tutorial, he explains how you can sell things to him.

Task from Hutch:

  • Sell feathers at his place (you will get them as a gift from him before)

Reward from Hutch:

  • An enchanted bow

  • 16 Arrows

Tracey, the treasurer, will tell you how to collect the reward.

Step 3 - Getting acquainted with Tracey the treasurer

The treasurer Tracey is located at the coordinates X: 107 Y: 85 Z: 50 The entrance to the building is located at: X: 96 Y: 84 Z: 40

Who is Tracey?

Tracey is the so-called treasurer, he manages for you in his treasury all rewards or items that you can't pick up at the moment. Tracey also tells you that you can use the command /treasury anywhere to pick up your items.

Task from Tracey:

  • Collect your reward from Hutch the hunter.

Step 4 - Getting acquainted with Mandy, the machine dealer

You can find the machine dealer Mandy at the coordinates X: 119 Y: 89 Z: -52 The entrance to her building is located at X: 105 Y: 85 Z: -38

Who is Mandy?

Dear Mandy is the machine dealer of Landania, she sells various machines.

Task from Mandy:

  • Talk to Mandy and chat with her about her machines

Reward from Mandy (/treasury):

  • A furnace

  • 5 Iron Ores

Step 5 - Getting acquainted with Aubrey, the auctioneer

You can find the auctioneer Aubrey at the coordinates X: -5 Y: 90 Z: -92 You can find the entrance to the building at X: 17 Y: 89 Z: -71

Who is Aubrey?

Aubrey is our auctioneer, you will learn to love him, he manages the auction house that is filled with items that other players sell.

Task from Aubrey:

  • He prompts you to offer an item and in the next step bid on the same item.

Reward from Aubrey (/treasury):

  • 2 Chests, for your first items!

Step 6 - Getting acquainted with Joey, the job manager

You can find the job administrator Joey at the coordinates X: 37 Y: 89 Z: -94 She is located in the same house as Aubrey, the auctioneer.

Who is Joey?

Joey is our job manager, she manages the jobs for all players, which can also be opened at any time with /jobs.

Task from Joey:

  • Do a job from her (you will get the stone from her)

Reward from Joey (/treasury):

  • 32 torches (very useful, we recommend to light your realm as early as possible, because many monsters spawn)

Step 7 - The final statements of Frank, the mayor

The fastest way to return is to use the /spawn command.

Task from Frank:

  • Talk to the mayor

  • Go to your realm and talk to the mayor there.

  • Read carefully the explanations of the mayor, he will explain to you some important mechanics such as the farm world and the corresponding farm world fruits.

Final rewards from Frank:

  • 5 Tropical fruits, each lasting 30 minutes

  • A complete stone set consisting of a Sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to look around here in the wiki, for example at: How do I start best? Otherwise you can also join our Discord server or just ask in the chat, have fun! ❤️

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