How do I start best?

The tutorial is important and should be played first, we do not recommend skipping it.

We always recommend that you do the tutorial first. The best way to do this is to contact the mayor at the spawn (/spawn).

He will guide you through the steps and the arrow at the top of the screen will lead you to the most important inhabitants of Landania. Read everything carefully and if you have any questions afterward, feel free to contact the other players or the team.

Explore your realm!

On your realm, you will find something to hunt, iron, stone, and wood to build your equipment. With this, you are ready to visit the first of many farm worlds to get more resources for better equipment and to build your realm.

Visit the farm world...

You can get to the farm worlds with the help of farm world fruits. Manage your time well and think beforehand about what you want to get during your trip. Farming time is limited, and even though the items you use to get to the farm world are called fruits, they don't grow on trees or bushes.

You can get the farm world fruits mainly by mining ores or defeating aggressive mobs, including on your realm. So if you run out of fruit, you should go hunting on your realm. You can find all other ways here: How do I get farm world fruits?

If you leave the farm world prematurely, the remaining duration of the fruit will be lost!

Once you get the hang of procuring the farm world fruits, nothing should stand in the way of your further journey and the exploration of Landania.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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