Realm NPCs

In this article, we will go into more detail about the Realm-NPCs.

What are Realm-NPCs?

As the name suggests, these are NPCs that you can place on your realm e.g. to give your holograms a more personal touch. You can place them on your realm as you wish.

They have no other function and serve purely cosmetic.

How can I manage my Realm-NPCs?

To create NPCs, you need a rank with the appropriate permission. The following table shows how many NPCs you can create with each rank:

RankNumber of NPCs





With the command /realm npc you get an overview of all available commands.

Now it's very simple, position yourself as you want your NPC to be later, it's helpful if you change your camera perspective with F5. When you have found the perfect positioning just type /realm npc create.

The NPC will be automatically generated with the skin of the player and will get an ID. You only need this ID if you want to delete an NPC later, it always starts at 1.

Do you want to delete your NPC? You can do that with /realm npc remove <id>.

You don't know the ID anymore? With /realm npc list you get an overview of all NPCs on your realm.

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