Realm Holograms

In this article, we will explain the "Realm Holograms" right.

What are holograms?

Holograms are texts you can use on your realm, for example, to describe a path, or to welcome players to your realm.

How can I manage holograms?

To create holograms, you need a rank with the corresponding permission. The following table shows how many holograms you can create with each rank:

RankNumber of holograms




If you type /realm holo you get a helpful overview of all available realm holo commands. We also explain them here in detail with some additional information.

A maximum of 50 characters is possible per line.

With the command /realm holo create you can create a hologram. <text> can be replaced with any text. When you create a hologram it will be assigned an ID, this ID is in the chat and starts at 1 on your realm. The ID is important to further customize the hologram afterward.

A maximum of four lines are possible per hologram.

With the command /realm holo addline <id> <text> you can add more lines to your hologram, they will be placed at the bottom.

With the command /realm holo removeline <id> <line> you remove one line from the hologram, and the other lines always move up, so that no empty lines can occur.

With the command /realm holo editline <id> <line> <text> you can change an already existing line afterward.

With the command /realm holo remove <id> you can easily remove your holograms and place them somewhere else.

Finally, you get an overview of your holograms with the command /realm holo list.

What special tags are there?

There are also a few special tags available for more dynamic holograms, namely:

All special tags always refer to the player who is currently looking at the hologram.



Shows the playername at the position in the hologram, without rank and color.


Displays the playername, including his rank and the respective color.


Shows the current level.


Shows the missing cp until the next level.

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