What is a rank?

Each player has a rank on the server. There are three types of ranks:

Acquired ranks

Awarded ranks

These are ranks that you are awarded for certain conditions.

Team ranks

These are ranks that you receive exclusively as a team member.

You can see the rank in the table list, above your name and in the chat by a badge. There are all the ranks listed below, they are also displayed in this order in the tab list.

Depending on the rank you have, you can do different things on the network. For example, the admin can do much more than the player.

How do I get ranks?

Explanation of all ranks

RankDescription / Duration of the rankCosts

The Deluxe Rank can only be won via the Crystal Chests! Lifetime Rank


Lifetime Rank

Lifetime Rank

Lifetime Rank

Lifetime Rank

1 Month 1 Month

Default Rank


Listing of rights

Possible friends

Number of jobs at the same time

Number of auctions at the same time

Access to the command /craft

Possible number of trusted players on your realm

Use colours in /sign

Use emojis in /sign

Create realm holograms

Change biome

Additional emojis

Bossbar-Variations (/changebossbar)

Ender Chest Rows

Trashcan, throw away stuff (/trashcan)

Welcome messages (/realm greeting)


Every 7 days a random teleport fruit (/fruit)

Global grindstone (/grindstone)

Global stonecutter (/stonecutter)

Global loom (/loom)

Global cartography table (/cartography)

Global smithing table (/smith)

Ridable strider for the farmworlds (/strider)

Edit signs (/editsign)

Realm Notifications

-50% cooldown on /trade in the farm worlds

Access to /skin

Access to /cpboost

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