ℹ️Rules & Regulations

Our rulebook lists all important rules around Landania.net.

This rulebook only superficially covers the most important rules. For all rules that are not listed, common sense always applies, which means that the server and its community must not be harmed with any action. So if you are unsure about something, we recommend to contact our support in Discord to ask.


  1. Respect other players. This means that no bullying, harassment or other forms of disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. Insults, threats or discriminatory statements will not be tolerated.

  2. No cheating or hacking. The use of hacks, mods or other tools that provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. This also includes exploiting bugs in the game (bugusing).

  3. No spamming or flooding. Repeated sending of the same message or flooding the chat with messages is not allowed. Excessive use of caps in chat is also not allowed.

  4. Griefing, scamming and theft. Basically, every player has the power to decide who gets trust on a realm or if they use our server's own trade system or not. But if we notice that some players repeatedly bypass our systems to scam other players, we will intervene. If it comes to specially designed scams like TP-Traps, these will be checked by reporting them to a team member and the owners of such scam methods will be punished. If a player scams with video evidence that clearly shows that another player is scamming, this will result in a ban. There is no right to a refund of the lost items/currency.

  5. Common Sense. In general, players who repeatedly disturb the peace and harmony of the community by their game or chat behavior are not tolerated. The team reserves the right to temporarily or even permanently exclude such players from the network. It is our primary concern to ensure peaceful and respectful coexistence in our community. Inappropriate behavior that interferes with this peace will therefore not be tolerated.

  6. No inappropriate buildings. Any buildings or structures that are created should be appropriate for all ages. No inappropriate or offensive structures.

  7. No advertising. Advertising for other servers or products is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions are creators who are of course allowed to advertise their social media channels. In addition, it is also tolerated that smaller, non-official creators may advertise their social media channel max. 2x hour in the chat if they are currently live streaming on Landania.

  8. Follow the instructions of the team. The server staff is responsible for maintaining order and helping the players. Their instructions must be followed.

  9. Limitation of casino advertising: Both bots and players are allowed to advertise a casino only once per hour. Failure to comply with this rule may result in penalties.

Bot Rules:

  1. Registration Requirement: Each bot must be registered by the owner with the support before it can be activated. Bots that are not registered are not allowed to be active on the server.

  2. Message Limit: A bot may send a message in the general chat at most once per hour. This limitation may not be circumvented, even in the following example: "Bot1 writes a message to a farm on Realm1 and Bot2 also writes a message for the same farm in the chat". This would now give us 2 messages with the same purpose and thus an attempt to circumvent our limitation. This would be penalized.

  3. Bot Message Labeling: Any message sent by a bot must begin with "[Bot]" to make it clear that the message is from a bot and not a human player.

  4. Interaction Conditions: Bots may only interact with players if a player has already interacted with the bot. This means that the player must have first messaged the bot or reacted to an action of the bot before the bot is allowed to send a private message to the player.

    • In case of technical problems, the owner of the bot is obliged to always decide in the player's best interest and, for example, refund coins.

    • A bot must publish a clear and easily accessible explanation of its services.

    • A bot is not allowed to cheat/scam.

    • The owner of the bot must provide one of the following support options in clear form: Email or Discord.

  5. Sanctions for Rule Violations: If a bot violates one of these rules, it will be banned for 10 days. In case of a further rule violation, the bot will be permanently banned.

  6. Permitted and Prohibited Actions: There are regulations about what actions a bot may and may not do.

    • Generally prohibited are the following actions:

      1. Interactions with the auction house, jobs, and admin shops

      2. Participation in /g-competitions

      3. Participating in Landania events (including farming event items, completing event tasks & interacting with event NPCs and blocks)

      4. Killing and hitting players

      5. Using mods that even human players are not allowed to use

      6. Sending messages to the public chat more often than once an hour

      7. Advertising external projects in all chat rooms

    • Fully automated, the following actions are allowed as long as the bot does not trigger redstone mechanics or intentionally interact with entities:

      1. Joining the server

      2. Free movement on realms where the bot has building rights

      3. Eating

      4. Pick up & drop items & blocks

      5. Sending chat commands (with a delay of 1 second)

      6. Interaction of blocks that have a inventory (both e.g. chests, furnaces, droppers and structures likemines, quarries, end mines)

      7. Interaction with items in the above mentioned inventories

      8. Use of your own realm chat (with a message delay of 5 seconds)

    • Semi-automated the following actions are allowed:

      1. Moving in mainworlds, playworlds (without building rights) as well as in farmworlds

      2. Dismantling and placing blocks

      3. Interactions with entities

      4. Triggering Redstone mechanics

      5. Crafting items & blocks

      6. Fishing

      By the term 'semi-automated' we mean that all actions of the bot may only be performed upon a direct command from a player. It is strictly forbidden to use third-party programs that allow the bot to receive multiple commands in a sequence. A command issued by the player always represents only one action for the bot. Each command must be fully implemented or, if necessary, aborted within a period of no more than one minute. Furthermore, the execution of a command itself may not take longer than one minute. The bot is not authorized to accept new commands until the previous command has been fully executed. If the commands are not visible to the team, the bot is required to pause for a quarter of a second (250 ms) after each executed action.

      A semi-automated action is, for example:

      • Go to coordinates XYZ. (Pause after one minute if the target is further away)

      • Remove the block at coordinates XYZ.

      • Place the block at coordinates XYZ.

      • Kill the mob at coordinates XYZ.

      • Craft 1 stack of item X.

      However, the following actions are not semi-automated:

      • Mine blocks for one minute.

      • Place the stack of blocks in your inventory.

      • Mine block X until your inventory is full.

      • Craft an inventory of Block X.

Rules for Mod Usage:

  1. Approved Mods: Only mods that are listed in our approved mod list may be used. The list is updated regularly, so we ask players to check it regularly to make sure it matches the currently allowed mods.

  2. Sanctions: The use of unapproved mods may result in sanctions ranging from temporary game bans to permanent bans, depending on the severity of the infraction.

  3. Mod Approval Requests: If you would like to use a mod that is not on our approved list, but you feel does not give you an unfair advantage or otherwise negatively impact the game, you can contact our support team. Our team will review the mod and make a decision on whether to include it in our list of approved mods. Please note that you are not allowed to use the mod until it is officially approved. This rule allows players to actively participate in shaping the mod guidelines and ensuring that all mods used provide players with a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Approved mod list:


  • Badlion Client

  • Essential Mod

  • Fabric

  • Feather Client

  • Forge

  • LabyMod

  • Lunar Client

  • MysteryMod

Performance Mods

  • Indium

  • Iris

  • Lithium

  • Optifine

  • Phosphor

  • Sodium

Other Mods

In general (Mini-)maps are allowed.

  • AdvancedChatCore

  • AppleSkin

  • AutoCraft

  • BetterF3

  • Chat Heads

  • Chat Up!

  • Command Macros

  • Crosshair (and similar)

  • Enchantment Descriptions

  • Fullbright Texturepack

  • Gamma Utils (Fullbright)

  • Inventory HUD+

  • Inventory Profiles Next

  • Inventory Tabs

  • Just Enough Items

  • Just Enough Resources

  • Light Overlay (and similar)

  • Litematica

  • Litematica Printer

  • MiniHUD

  • Mouse Tweaks

  • Mouse Wheelie

  • More Chat History

  • NBT Tooltip

  • Replay Mod

  • Roughly Enough Items

  • Shulkerbox Tooltips

  • Sign Tools

  • Simple Voice Chat

  • Timestamp

  • Visible Ores (and similar)

Please note that this list is subject to change. It is the players' responsibility to check the list regularly and make sure that the mods they use are allowed.

These rules are in place to ensure a fair and balanced gaming experience for everyone on the server. Please abide by these rules and respect the other players on the server.

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