📲Discord Server

Our main platform for communicating with you - our community - is our Discord server.

Why should I join the Discord server?

We use Discord as our main platform to communicate with you, our community! Thereby our Discord server is structured in many ways. Possible reasons are:

  • Exchange with other players or the server team

  • Receive help in the form of tickets (support)

  • Suggest new features

  • Leave constructive feedback

How do I get on the Discord server?

It's easy, just type or click the link discord.landania.net!

What are the different channels?

What is the point of verification?

Once you are verified, you will get the Discord server role corresponding to your rank on the server. Also, your server name will be changed to your in-game name.

How can I verify?

In a few seconds you can verify yourself on our Discord server, please use the command /dclink in the game to do so. You will see a link in the chat that you have to click on:

After you have clicked on the link, an authentication page will open in your browser. Here you have to click on "Authorize" at the bottom right.

Don't worry, we don't have access to your account, we can only assign it now.

We use the "Join servers for you" permission so that we can join the Landania Discord server if we haven't already!

That's it, you have successfully verified!

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