👾Creator Requirements

Here you can find all of the requirements for our creator ranks on Landania.net

Requirements for YouTube Channels

  • 5,000 or more subscribers

  • Have uploaded some Minecraft-related videos (not necessarily Landania related)

  • Average 1,000 or more views per video

Requirements for Streamers

  • 1,000 or more followers

  • Regular streams (at least 3 per month in the last 3 months)

  • Average 50 or more concurrent viewers

Requirements for TikTok Creators

  • 30,000 or more followers

  • Average 10,000 or more views per video

  • Regular uploads (at least 10 per month in the last 3 months)


To apply for a creator rank, you can simply send a short email with your social media links to contact@landania.net.

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