Spawn Eggs

Wondering how to get spawn eggs and how to use them? Then read on here!

What can spawn eggs?

The so-called spawn eggs or spawn eggs are used to spawn a specific mob directly, or several mobs, with the help of a spawner.

A possible spawn egg could look like this:

In this case, it is a zombie spawn egg, with this you can either right-click on a block to spawn the mob once. Or if you click with the spawn egg on a spawner, the spawner can spawn the creature 92 times.

Meanwhile, it is also possible to combine spawn eggs of the same type, which means you can combine a zombie spawn egg with 50 charges with a zombie spawn egg with 53 charges and get a zombie spawn egg with 103 charges.

The same works in spawners, if you right-click a spawner with a spawn egg of the same type the number is simply added.

Note that spawn eggs and spawners cannot exceed the value 1000.

How to obtain swawn eggs?

The spawn eggs are usually obtained by killing the mobs with the enchantment Looting. If a creature can drop a spawn egg, you can find it in the list: Special Mob Drops. You can also find out the drop chances in detail there.

Occasionally there are events on Landania where you can sometimes earn certain spawn eggs. For example, at Easter, there was the "Rabbit Spawn Egg".

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