Spawner Fragments

You want to have mob spawners on your realm? Yes, you can! You can find all the information here.

What are Spawner Fragments?

Spawner Fragments, just like all other fragments, are items that we have created on our server. In some cases, this makes items from Creative Mode available, as in this case.

How can I get Spawner Fragments?

Fragments of spawners can be obtained by mining spawners with a pickaxe enchanted with the enchantment "Fortune".

The chance here behaves as follows:

EnchantmentChance of an Spawner Fragment

No Fortune

Fortune 1


Fortune 2


Fortune 3


What can I do with Spawner Fragments?

You can make an mob spawner from nine Spawner Fragments on a crafting table.

Since these are rare items, they can also be sold quite expensively in the Auction House to earn coins.

You also have a chance to get an Spawner Fragment when breaking spawner on your realm. Therefore, think carefully about where you place it.

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