Dragon Egg Fragments

You have received a dragon egg fragment or wonder what it is?Then read on here!

What are Dragonegg-Fragments?

Dragonegg-Fragments, just like all other fragments, are items that we have created on our server. In some cases, this makes items from Creative Mode available, as in this case.

How do I get Dragonegg-Fragments?

You have a 3% chance of dropping a Dragonegg-Fragment when you mine a dragon head.

The chance is always the same no matter what item is used to mine the dragon heads.

What can I do with Dragonegg-Fragments?

You can make a dragon egg from nine Dragonegg-Fragments on a crafting table.

With the dragon egg, you can summon the ender dragon, more about this can be found in the article about the End Farmworld.

Since these are rare items, they can also be sold quite expensively in the auction house to earn coins.

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